The reason why I love Canada is that it is a naturally beautiful country, where all citizens from all provinces can feel at home. I’m so proud to be from a country that welcomes people from all ethnic backgrounds, customs, and values. We’re all different yet we all have something in common. We can all call ourselves Canadians!3untitled

Canada is great because of itself being a free and democratic country. The country is like no other. For example, imageswe all have the right to vote, we all have access to free medical care, clean waters, and an extensive landscaping from coast to coast. It’s filled with beauty of nature with endless lakes, rivers and all the four seasons. Nature is one of the main reasons of what makes Canada unique.2untitled

I just love the fact that being Canadian there is a sense of freedom and being able to travel in this vast land. Canada has everything this world has to offer, plus more. It’s a safe country, it’s peaceful, especially having the northern lights dance in our night skies.imagesP51M6J69

Canadians takes pride of the many opportunities Canada has to offer. Everything in Fine Arts in dance, music, theatre and all sports. Majority of the best athletes come from this country. It has many programs to develop top level athletes. The athletes are able to compete and represent this country at all championship levels. Therefore all nations are proud to call Canada an adventurous place to call home!untitled.png3

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