The platform I have chosen is a very difficult and sad issue, but must be addressed in a larger spectrum. It is about the high suicide rate among our youth and how it is growing daily. The reason why I chose this platform is because I am a youth and when I think about another young life going before their time I think – what could anyone have done to help or prevent this from happening. So, instead of talking about it and wondering what can be done, I want to do anything I can to help this from further happening. I want the youth to know that there’s always someone willing to help. We just need to find the answer. What can I do?

I began:

  • Continuously researching all avenues on how I can help such as Mental Health Promotion, Awareness and Understanding,  Prevention and Intervention.
  • Approach schools to help with strengthen collaboration between counseling within schools and beyond schools.
  • Developing suicide prevention awareness kit for use by schools that promote mental health, reduce stigma and encourage recognition of mental health issues and mental illness. Also include in these kits resource numbers of the best people who can help.
  • Seek ways to create a Peer Support Group program and youth drop-in centres.
  • Help deliver hands outs that have information on depression and addictions that target the youth whether they be at group homes, schools, colleges, religious/spiritual institutions, correctional institutions, or even health care centres that may not have the information with the assistance of various organizations that deal with the very issue.
  • I met with Primary Health Worker Charles Gregoire in hopes to sit on the Suicide Prevention Awareness Committee as a youth representative. Now I am their youth representative.
  • I contacted Teen Talk in hopes on how I can help coming from a youth-friendly perspective for youth in school, youth at risk and service providers. I would help promote myself as a person willing to listen to them. That they can trust me so that they can reach out and talk to someone, including friends, family, crisis centres and understand that they matter.
  • As a a Youth Representative in Canada, I would promote my platform by connecting with centres or general public in various communities to promote or continue to promote awareness and that they are there to help and are there for just for them. That they offer guidance and compassion with that help.
  • I would speak to the youth all over, whether it is at schools, conferences for youth, health care conferences, visit hospitals, treatment centres and let them know that they can make positive changes in their lives by having a dream, by setting attainable goals for themselves. To believe in themselves, by seeking out opportunities. You will never know which doors will open for you until you take that first step. Part of the topic i would concentrate on would be the 7 sacred teachings which includes courage, humility, love, truth, wisdom, honesty, and respect. These teachings are for all nations to use as guides to help in their journey of life.
  • I would seek various ways to ensure that youth have opportunities to keep themselves busy and motivated and ensure there is plenty of access to motivational speakers, role models, Elders, and anything else we all enjoy doing. I would talk about how the world has changed in our generation and how we need to keep up. We need to stay in school and remember, we are going to be the future leaders.
Written by: Gabby
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