I am happy to be your Miss Teenage Northern Manitoba 2016.

In May, 14, 2016, I entered for Miss Teenage Manitoba 2016. I got crowned for Miss Northern Manitoba. My time at the pageant was amazing, everyone there was so amazing  an u felt like u could be your self there and not have to lie about who you are. This pageant made me have a lot of confidence its funny how two days can make u look at your self in a different way a way u can see your true beauty in your self. When the pageant was done, the next couple of weeks where the busiest weeks for me. I didn’t get sponsored by business but they did donated items. I had to do a lot of fundraising for my self. Its surprised me when everyone help me in my town, I was so great-full, lots of my friends helps me too and it was nice cause we got closer and the two biggest people in my life who helped me a lot was my step dad and mom they were the ones who organized everything for me and i am so thank full for that, I honesty cant wait for the trip to Toronto, its gonna be a memory that i will never forget:)


Written by: Alysha

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