So the fifth day of the Miss Teenage Canada 2015 week, all the delegates had went to The Eaton Centre mall in Toronto, Ontario to visit the Rich Tree Taco Truck for lunch! imageWalking into the mall had given me the most incredible feeling of being welcomed and being treated like a mini celebrity from people smiling, waving, and taking pictures all around. I absolutely loved it!image

Any who, after taking pictures. I was starting to feel little hungry, and this could not be the most perfect time to eat fresh delicious tacos to clench the cravings.¬†When I was in line waiting for my turn to order, I was worried because as I observe the menu I’m going to be honest. I did not know how to pronounce half the ingredients but eventually I chose to try the Chicken Polo Chipolet burrito. It tastes better than it sounds, Trust me!

What I like most about the Taco Truck is not only the old fashioned style van but that the employees were so polite, the meal was free, and the service was great! Not even five minutes after ordering, my burrito was already ready! I could not wait to eat it!image

My impression scale of the burrito blew me away. I did not expect it to be that spicy and that delcious at all!

All in all, I had such a great time inside the Eaton Centre and eating the most tasty burrito ever. Especially for the first time!

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